The Autodesk portfolio offered by TKI

Autodesk® software solutions help you test concepts and ideas as well as improve structures and processes under real conditions, before they become reality.

The American company is world’s biggest software producer for digital 2D and 3D design. Their software solutions find use in the visualization, simulation and analysis of clients’ projects. Via the computer aided design (CAD), specific processes can be recreated in models.

Autodesk offers custom-designed software solutions for many sectors. For TKI clients, building technology, civil engineering, construction engineering and telecommunication would be interesting sectors.

TKI is the authorized representative for the „Geospatial“ product line of Autodesk®.

Autodesk AutoCAD
AutoCAD accompanies you as a powerful CAD complete solution for your 2D and 3D constructions.

Autodesk Infra­structure Design Suite
Auto­desk® Infra­structure Design Suite is a comprehensive deep-building tool for infrastructure planning.

BIM for Buildings
BIM for Buildings optimized the implementation and management of construction projects efficiently and cost effectively.

BIM for Infrastructure
BIM for Infra­structure accelerated planning work and creates new channels of communication for civil engineers.

Autodesk AutoCAD LT
Autodesk® AutoCAD LT® simplifies the detection of design concepts and visualize your ideas.

Autodesk Subscription
Expand the potential of your Autodesk software for construction, planning and design with Autodesk® Subscription.