Milestones of TKI's software development


Large-scale projects with app development:

TKI developed an app for the field survey of the broadband roll-out in Munich, Germany. This tool is used and comprehsively tested by TKI's planners and in the project of Munich's public utility as prototype.


The FTTx Design Suite is the new all-in-one solution:

Just in time for the kickoff of the federal funding program for broadband deployment of the Ministry of Traffic and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), TKI launched a new product. The FTTx Design Suite is a fully integrated solution of TKI for the automatic master and detailed planning as well as documentation and management of FTTH, FTTB, or FTTC networks.


NET INFO as a new tool for the provisioning of network information:

Since 2013, a new TKI product facilitates the work of many network operators and owners who need to gather information about their network. The NET INFO automatically provides all important information on underground pipes and cables in an area at one click.


New user interface and the integration with FiberPlanIT

With the aim of constantly improving Network Explorer for Telecommunication, the new version NET 2013 has been released with a revised user interface. Thus, it became very attractive and easy-to-use as a result of a modern, powerful and user-friendly interface. In 2012, TKI also established a partnship with the Belgian company Comsof. Comsof offers a flexible and high-performance software solution with FiberPlanIT for FTTx planning. FiberPlanIT is fully integrated with the NET user interface and the data generated thereof can smoothly be used in NET.


The origin of NET:

Suitable administration modules for large-scale projects were sought. The objective was not just a bare glass fiber documentation, but the software sought was supposed to offer GIS functionalities, too. TKI became developer and distribution partner of C-Plan AG and developed the industry model for telecommunications “TB-TK” based on Topobase 2, within one year. In the course of the acquisition of C-Plan AG by Autodesk, Topobase has been integrated into the Autodesk platform. TKI developed the product Network Explorer for Telecommunication NET based on Autodesk® AutoCAD® Map 3D as successor of TB-TK. All modules for the management of telecommunications networks are offered under the names NET BASIS, NET FO, NET COAX, NET DUCT and NET COPPER. As a result, NET became a software supporting the entire process from planning to operation of tele­communication networks avoiding any loss of data.


A engineering office turns into a software vendor:

NET started to emerge alongside the establishment of TKI in 1990. For internal utilization, Autodesk® products were used from the beginning. Due to changing and differentiating requirements in our daily work in planning and evaluation, we modified the graphics software of Autodesk. Script-based plug-ins or adaptions of the AutoCAD interface were the first attemtps to create an own software solution.