Data collection

Following the acquisition of new software, e.g. the Network Explorer for Telecommunication NET for the management of your telecommunication network on the basis of Geo-data, available client data have to be integrated to the new system. TKI offers you their service for the initial entry of data.

The collection of your data can be done from different analogue and digital sources. External formats are tied via standardized interfaces and network data from tables and lists is transferred.

During the process of data incorporation in the survey plan, we work according to your company-specific requirements and software-technical conditions. We depict your network in a geo-referenced manner, geo-schematic or schematic.

  • Geo-referenced representation guarantees imaging of coordinates of all nodes like cable ends, closures and switches as well as angles like segments, ducts and cables.
  • With the geo-schematic transformation, network elements are illustrated according to their position. An overview of all network elements is provided by both types of planning.
  • The creation of a schematic plan is also possible. In such a case, the network is only schematically illustrated. Size and length ratios play a tangential role. This planning type is advantageous when you wish to capture the whole situation of your network in one view. Moreover, the structures can be used in single pages in the schematic plan.
  • Linkage of elements enables a quick switch between a layout plan and a schematic plan.

If your network data exist in an intelligent digital format, they can be transferred over to Network Explorer semi or fully automatic with a data migration. An additional conclusive manual data qualification from a technical member of our staff increases the quality of your network data.

Data migration

When switching from one system to another, the challenge is to bring together data from different sources and make them available in the new system.

It is important to extract and transform information from different databases, drawing files and excel worksheets and load them in the new system.  These are referred to as ETL processes (Extract, Transform and Load).

Thanks to a long experience and a broad range of tools, we are ready to face every challenge and support you competently. Alongside consulting services with ETL projects, we manage them also as turnkey comprehensive packages.

When an automatic setting e.g. due to insufficient data quality is once not possible, we are able to intervene with our technical draftswomen with long experience in the field of recording and documentation of telecommunication networks.