FiberPlanIT Engineer preview at FTTH Conference 2017

This year, the renowned FTTH Conference took place in Marseille at the Mediterranean coast of France. TKI was not only sponsoring the world’s largest event in this field again, but also exhibiting its latest developments on an own booth. Many interested companies enjoyed a live demonstration of the preview of FiberPlanIT Engineer, which is a co-production of Comsof and TKI. It smoothly integrates with FiberPlanIT Designer allowing you to seamlessly convert high level designs into low level design which can be used for permit management and construction purposes.

professional audience at TKI booth

In this respect, the new documentation package will be a very useful feature as it enables you to generate all kinds of construction documents automatically. In addition, the professional audience was also impressed by the optional mobile app, which can be used for field surveys and complements the FiberPlanIT Engineer.

On balance, the conference was a big success with more than 3000 attendees which were not least a result of the interesting technical program, which was accompanying the conference again.

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