The all-in-one solution for planning and management of FTTx networks

The FTTx Design Suite is a fully integrated software solution which covers the whole life cycle of FTTx networks:

  • automated master and detailed planning on the basis of mathematical optimizations
  • preparation and supervision of construction by means of various constructions plans
  • documentation and validation of networks
  • simple network management thanks to automated workflows
  • billing of activated services

A longtime tested mathematical optimization allows automatic planning of cost-optimized FTTx networks saving up to 90% of time. It offers not only automatic determination of locations of POPs or distribution points, but also automatic network clustering and planning of feeder, distribution, and drop segments as well as planning of ducts taking existing ducts into account and automated generation of all relevant planning documents.

The FTTx Design Suite does not only support FTTH or FTTB networks, but also FTTC networks. In addition, a bill of materials can be generated automatically after planning allowing a quick comparison of costs of different planning variants. An optional web client or mobile app enable your technicians to enter redlining information directly into the network plans during the field survey. Last but not least a great variety of automated workflows does facilitate everyday network management tasks:

  • connecting new customers
  • localization, management, and fixing of breakdowns
  • routing

The modular structure of FTTx Design Suite results in many advantages like flexible customization meeting the requirements of your project. This highly scalable software solution can be integrated in your IT infrastructure no matter if it is a single workplace or a network workplace.