Highly automated FTTx design tools for optimized FTTx planning

Network Explorer for Telecommunication NET offers network operators and service providers a convenient tool for FTTX network planning.

From network clustering to reliable quoting in just three steps - NET is a real time-saver as it speeds up the planning of high-performance FTTB and FTTH networks up to 75%. A variety of pre-set planning options ensures high network quality but leaves sufficient scope for individual decisions. Your planning becomes more easy as well as more efficient while your accustomed flexibility remains unchanged.

Highly-automated software solutions support you in designing your FTTX network. Master planning is no longer carried out manually and costly. We integrated leading optimization tools into our software environment and work closely together with providers.

Atesio's fttx-optimizer is a software tool for cost-optimized planning of FTTH networks.

Comsof FiberPlanIT is one of the leading software solutions for optimizing FTTX networks.

Please ask for our FTTx Design Suite, a powerful combination of NET functionality and an integrated optimization tool for automated master and detailed planning as well as documentation and management of FTTH, FTTB, and FTTC networks.