NET INFO for quick provisioning of network information

TKI Karten­auskunft for quick provisioning of information

NET INFO is a fully automatic information provision solution which can be used for both, internal and external provision of information.

This light-weight information portal enables you to comfortably generate meaningful documents on your area of interest in a minimum of time. Password-protected access ensures secure handling.

Each use of NET INFO is automatically logged, the generated documents are saved and stored internally.

Secure access for external users by means of password-protection

Our secure user management enables you to create and control internal or external user accounts for the password-protected area of NET INFO.

Comfortable navigation to the area of interest

Benefit from our customizable address or object search allowing a quick and targeted navigation to the area of interest.

Logging of users' performed queries

Our complete and reliable log offers a comprehensive overview of all performed inquiries including respective details like user, timestamp, and results.

Using customizable templates and scale ranges

Quick and flexible customization of plotting templates, scale ranges, and page layouts using NET INFO.