The software solutions for your telecommunications network

NET combines the functionalities of a FTTx planning tools with the performance of a geographic information system and the flexibility of a network management system. On the basis of Autodesk ® AutoCAD ® Map 3D NET is a high performance and flexible solution for the efficient planning and documentation of communication networks.

Whether network operators, public utilities or carriers

Due to its modular design, NET can perfectly adapt to the special requirements of each field of application.

NET’s basic module NET BASIS includes all functions for topography and segment illustration and is the basis upon which all other network-specific modules are drawn.

NET consists of a fiber optic module NET FIBER OPTICS, telephony module NET COPPER and NET COAX module for the mapping of coaxial networks. The module for pipe management NET DUCT enables the registration and management of ducts reaching even the lowest pipe levels. All data registered in NET can be published and made available in NET WEB.

FTTx Design Suite

The FTTx Design Suite is TKI's fully integrated solution for automatic master planning and detailed planning as well as documentation and management of FTTH, FTTB, and FTTC networks.

Since 2012, NET offers automated and optimized FTTx planning by means of interfaces to leading optimization solutions.

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