System installation

In order for you to be able to focus on key important tasks we take over the installation of our acquired Software on your hardware components. This can take place on site, in your company or also be done via remote access.

All performed tasksshall be recorded and your administrator will be admitted to the system.


While software solutions are simple and easy to use, we offer the necessary know-how for an ideal performance – using NET or Autodesk solutions. We offer training on all basic functions as well as introduce the possibilities offered by different software solutions.

Trainings are not carried out with sample teaching resources, but clients’ existing databases are used. This way, we provide the opportunity for you to learn using your familiar surroundings, with no complicated detours.

To ensure the best learning effects, our training services are divided into two stages. A first training introduces you general and module-specific operations. After approx. 4 weeks, a workshop is held, during which you have the opportunity to address open questions relevant to operating the software as well as discuss about the optimal approach for dealing with your tasks. Experience exchange is our way to achieving the aim.

Software support

Even after the training, we provide further guidance when you have questions relevant to working with the software. Our support team is available per email, telephone or web meeting. This way, your questions and problems reach us any time.

Ticket system
Our subscription customers get automatic access to our support center when buying our software.  Via a ticket system, you send your requests directly to our support team. In addition to that, you can find the current versions of our software solutions as well as current documents like instructions and manuals as well as a knowledge database.

TKI Hotline
Of course you can have direct contact to our TKI Hotline for support. This TKI Hotline provides a quick solution especially when dealing with critical problems or such problems that are difficult to describe in writing.

TKI Remote Support
TKI Remote Support comprises of remote maintenance and support fort he software purchased at TKI. Web meeting can be used e.g. to deepen advanced topics and execute smaller system adjustments.